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FHIT Technologies

FHIT Solutions is an Information Technology and Services Company.FHIT Solutions focuses on various range of IT solutions ,offers IT training to people with various levels of IT expertise ,supplies IT hardwares ,products and services. FHIT Solutions offers first and foremost IT training as we believe life standards of individuals ,communities,and nations can be improved by educating people to be part of the fast advancing technology world.It is obvious that people with IT knowledge are favoured on the job market than those without IT basic knowledge. FHIT Solutions prepares people to be competitive and ready for challenges.

FHIT Solutions offers training to different categories of people with different levels of IT skills ,from beginners through intermediate to professionals. FHIT Solutions strongly believes "Education makes life standard better".FHIT Solutions prepares people to be competitive and ready for challenges .

FHIT Solutions beside IT training , offers a big range of IT services .We are suppliers of CISCO Equipment (CISCO ROUTERS ,SWITCHES, FIREWALLS AND MANY MORE ).We develop websites ,develop web- and desktop-based softwares ,databases ,install and configure LAN networks ,configure WAN,VSAT and much more.Our customers are banks, non-governmental organizations,private and public sector firms.We offer consultancy services and we have competent IT professionals.

FHIT Solutions offers as well a big range of hardware solutions to small,mid-sized and large companies. We supply among other:

Our customers are amply satisfied,so will you.

FHIT Solutions supplies IT consummables and office supply .We supply internet Via VSAT and many more satellite solutions.

We offer internships to those planning their career within IT sector.Those who plan to be databases administrators,software developers,network engineers are welcome for IT development skills. Be part of our life changing philosophy through educating yourself to make your future brighter .

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